Hello world!

Welcome to my somewhat blog. I may or may not update this with any degree of regularity, so just put up with me, ok?

My name is Levi Montgoemry, and I have been writing for many years now (I’m old). I have been active on several “writer’s community” sites over the past two years, writing as “levimont.” Some of you may know me from these haunts, and I’m not done with them yet (although there is a rant coming about the insidious creature known as “feedback.”)

I decided a while back that it was time to get serious about writing, and I have published (as of this date, 14 Jan 2009) one book of four novellas, with two novels to follow closely on their heels.

If you visit my website at www.levimontgomery.com, you will find the opening pages of each of the four novellas in my first book, Other Loves,as well as several short stories. These will download as PDFs. PLEASE NOTE:The fact that technology allows you to copy my work does not give you any ownership of it, and the fact that I have allowed it does not mean I have given up any rights to it. These works are, and will remain, copyrighted intellectual property. (Note to high-schoolers: I assure you, if you are the sort of person who has to go online and hunt down theses to turn in for Creative Writing, then you are the sort whose teacher will not believe you wrote these. If you could have written them, you wouldn’t be online looking for stuff to claim.)

Levi Montgomery

By the way:
Ever notice how some trucks on the freeway have the straps that secure the load fastened with a careful half-twist? Keeps ’em from whistling in the wind.

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