National Punctuation Day

One of the rants stewing in the back of my mind is the one about all those poor people who have lost the use of their punctuation. Can you imagine how pathetic it must be to try to make your way through life with no commas? To not be able to use your own semi-colon? Think of the tragedy of this predicament: to not know the difference between a hyphen and a dash! (Back in the olden days, I worked for a company that had a hyphen in their web site name. I’d tell somebody “It’s www dot blah blah blah hyphen blah blah dot com,” and the person would invariably go “Hyphen? You mean like a dash?” “No, you idiot! If I’d meant DASH, I would have said DASH!”)

The rant is still coming. You’ve been warned. Till then, perhaps this can help all those lost souls, wandering through the ether with no punctuation to call their own.

National Punctuation Day

By the way:
The class of Gastropoda (the snails and slugs) is second only to insects in terms of total number of species.


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