Essential Arts and the Madness that Lurks

I believe each of us inhabits our own terra cognita, beyond the boundaries of which lie deep waters, swift currents, and the eventual edge of your world.

I believe the essential art of serious reading is to push beyond those boundaries, to swim those waters, to explore those currents, without losing yourself in the madness that lurks in the voids where the map says “Here Be Dragonnes.”

I believe the essential art of serious writing is to take you to that point, to lure you beyond that border, to coax you as far as you’ll go on your own, and then to gently nudge you one small step further.

The Death of Patsy McCoy

By the way:

Estimates vary, depending on whom you ask, but all of the insects on Earth outweigh all of the people by at least ten-to-one, and some experts put it as high as fifteen-to-one.

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