Ok, so I slack off a little on weekends . . .

So shoot me!

Hey, I did say I wasn’t likely to update this thing daily.

I’ve been rereading some old science-fiction classics, and I find the technological predictions rather amusing. Starships being built on the moon, designed with slide rules and logarithm tables (yes, I’ll wait right here while you run to Google to find out what those are). Supercomputers occupying buildings the size of the Empire State Building, cooled with liquid nitrogen, speaking to their handlers by teletype stations. Female spaceship pilots who wear skirts to work.

But you know what the funniest one of all is?

I’m almost positive it was E. E. “Doc” Smith who gave the characters in his space operas these funny little glass-fronted things that you write on with a stylus. Write a note, and it keeps it for you. Write out an equation, it solves it for you. Need to talk to someone, somewhere, anywhere? It does that, too. It keeps your schedule and your shopping list, and carries around your favorite book for you.

And we all laughed at it. Now I can update this blog from my Blackberry Storm.

By the way:

"As opposed to illiteracy, where you can’t read, aliteracy means that you can but you just can’t be bothered. They say aliteracy is on the rise these days."
— Author, marine biologist and computer-based game writer Peter Watts

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