Reading With a Pencil

I’ve just finished the final reading of my next book to be published, Cursing the Cougar. One of the many nice things (for a control freak, anyway!) about self-publishing is that things are very easy to change at the galley stage. Fortunately so, in this case (note to self: use the stupid check-list!).

Since I had to upload a new pdf anyway (no, I won’t say why. It’s too stupid (note to self: see note above), and since I am that control freak I mentioned, I took the opportunity to do a final read. I made 27 changes. Change a comma to a semi-colon, change a semi-colon to a comma, put in a hyphen, take out a hyphen, change “but” to “and,” “and” to “but.” Only one of the changes (a new comma) is a truly new change. The remainder have gone back and forth over and over and over.

So here’s my question: why do I do that? I can read your book (well, unless you’re famous, you’ll have to send it to me) without making a gazillion tiny changes. Why are mine never FINISHED?

Anyway, it’s done now. You can check it out at

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It has just come to my attention that Cursing the Cougar will not be live until some time tomorrow or Tuesday. Check out my site while you wait, I guess.

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