FREE STUFF! Twelve Short Stories and One Novella! FREE!

Just a reminder, mostly, but all of my short stories are free to download and read. Here are some links:

Short Story: "A New Beginning"

Short Story: "A Reason For Living"

Short Story: "Darkness Like an Ocean"

Short Story: "Love’s Last Sacrifice"

Short Story: "Night Moves"

Short Story: "Persephone’s Wine"

Short Story: "Remembering"

Short Story: "Snake Oil"

Short Story: "Sunny Grove"

Short Story: "The Big One"

Short Story: "The Meadow"

Short Story: "Yellowbird Diner"

In addition to these short stories, the following novella is also available:

Novella: "The Dinosaur and the Dragon Lady"

These links will open PDFs.  Please remember that
the fact that technology allows you to copy my
work does not give you any ownership in it, and the
fact that I have allowed it does not mean I have
given up any rights to it.  These are, and will
remain, my copyrighted work, and all rights are

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