Announcing the Serialization of “Light Always Changes”

I am serializing my short novel, Light Always Changes

This novel will be posted one chapter per week, but the book is finished and available to be ordered in print.


all she wants is to hide her scarred face
all he wants is to take the perfect portrait

    There’s one desk left in the far right row, second desk from the back. She hangs her bag on the seatback, sits down, swings her hair over her cheek. She begins to doodle, tiny flowers and leaves along the very edge of the cover of her spiral notebook.

    “Hi! Lydia, right?” She raises her head, but doesn’t look away from her flowers.

    “You probably didn’t notice me, but I was in your last class. That’s how I know your name.” In her peripheral vision, she can see his hand come up toward her. She reaches up and hooks her hair behind her ear. Turns to face him.

    “Hello,” she says, her voice as stretched and tight as the skin of her cheek.

   “I’m Tanner,” he says, his smile unchanged.

sometimes the deepest secrets
are hidden behind the thinnest veils


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