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This blog is closing

Apparently, in its latest iteration, has turned off support for XML-RPC remote editing, and has chosen to replace it with nothing at all. I am not willing to put up with the formatting limitations of the native so-called editor, nor am I willing to do all of my composition and editing of blog posts while online.

Therefore, unless and until comes to its senses and reinstates support for XML-RPC remote editing, there will be no further posts at all on this blog.

I encourage you to visit me at, which, although it is powered by WordPress, is not hosted at (due mainly to an increasing frustration at the narrowing limitations of being hosted there), and still has XML-RPC support.


The Great American Roadtrip 2010

Just a reminder for all those who follow me on this blog:

I am currently on an extended roadtrip with my daughter. Well, actually, that depends on how you define “on an extended roadtrip.” See this post for more details as this adventure unfolds. Slowly.

“The Death of Patsy McCoy” Now Available in ePub and Kindle Versions

TDOPM cover for Kindle - 002 After many false starts (and more than a few errors by a certain caveman-fingered writer 😦 ) I am pleased to announce that my novella,

The Death of Patsy McCoy, is now available as an ebook!

“When you cross the boundaries of society, you are outside society. When you reject rules, you become unruled. When you turn your back on civilization, you become uncivilized. Each barrier you cross is a little easier. You gain a little momentum, pick up a little speed, each time.”

The Death of Patsy McCoy is an exploration of peer pressure and the need to belong, and what these things can do to us.

The ePub format is up now at Lulu, and the Kindle version is at Amazon. These versions are $1.99 each.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to pay for it, you can get it right here for FREE! (If I do this right…)

The Death of Patsy McCoy in ePub

The Death of Patsy McCoy for Kindle

(if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free “Kindle for PC” from Amazon)

(I think I did that right!)

Thank you, Rob!

I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Rob Siders of, who did the conversion for me, and Joe Konrath, who recommended Rob. Zoe Winters called the conversion “amazing,” and I have to agree with her. Watch this space for an upcoming interview with Rob.



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NOTICE: This Blog Has Moved

As of 27 May 2009, all new posts, pages, etc will be at Please drop by!

Mess, Redux

The wheels seem to have come off . . .

I am in the process of getting my website,, switched to a new hosting service, and I seem to have skipped a step somewhere. The old host no longer has it up, but the login information at the new host isn’t letting me in yet. I hope to get this situation resolved as soon as possible, but for the time being I will be directing photography clients to this blog in order to find their photos. So the three of you who read my blog, and think of me primarily as a fiction writer (or perhaps as a fictional writer), will have to put up with some cross traffic traipsing through. Actually, the photos are being moved from an old host to a new host, also, but at least that’s working, except that they’re not all there yet. Please bear with me.

Blaine High School Track Meet Photos

are here:

Cursing the Cougar

is here:

Other Loves

is here:

Caution: Road Construction Ahead

I’m trying to get some things rearranged and rebuilt, so things might very probably not work right off and on for a while. I think I’ve moved my website (, but don’t panic if it doesn’t work) to a new host (less money, more features – always a good combination), and I intend to completely redesign it, and incorporate this blog.

Just thought I’d let my three readers know.

By the way:

Happy birthday to  Honoré de Balzac, French novelist, born on this date in 1799 (died 18 Aug 1850), best known for La Comédie Humaine (The Human Comedy),